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Sports Medicine That Keeps You in the Game

JAG-ONE Physical Therapy offers a full range of sports injury rehabilitation and prevention to help you and your team stay fitter than the competition.

At JAG-ONE PT, we know that Plan A is always injury prevention. That’s what keeps you on the field, on the court, competing at the sports you love. Our program helps participants – from beginners to professional athletes – ready their body for the stresses that a sport may place on the body, to proactively reduce the risk of injury.

But injuries happen, and when they do, our goal is to get you off the sidelines, back into the game as quickly and as safely as possible. We don’t just want you to heal, we want you to gain strength and heal correctly.

JAG-ONE is proud to be the official Physical Therapy Provider of the New Jersey Devils and New York City Football Club. The same professional care that has earned JAG-ONE the respect and partnership of these organizations is part of the fabric of our company and is employed at all of our locations throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. So you are given the same individualized attention and care in your pain treatment as these athletes at the top of their sports.

Contact JAG-ONE PT today to learn more about how we help teams and athletes stay at the top of their game or request an appointment.

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