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Post Offer Employment Testing (POET)
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Post Offer Employment Testing (POET)

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POET, Post-Offer/Pre-Employment Testing, is used to ensure that a candidate is physically able to complete the physical demands of the job for which they are applying. At JAG-ONE Physical Therapy, we offer Post-Offer/Pre-Employment Testing to any client in the state of New Jersey.

Employers are recognizing the rising cost of work-related injuries. The use of preventive tools to assess a candidate's functional abilities prior to job placement is instrumental in hiring the right candidate for the job. 

Early employment-related screening programs are measurable indices of success in decreasing overall injuries: 

  • Accurate physical demands analysis (PDA)
  • Review of clear, acceptable criteria
  • Standardized objective testing
  • Occupational and job-specific testing
  • Ergonomic assessment & proper lifting techniques 

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 specifies that all medical evaluation of employees must be “'job related and consistent with business necessity”, and JAG-ONE PT helps employers comply with this requirement and many other important standards. After all, “safety is no accident”.

Reasons for Post-Offer/Pre-Employment Testing

  • Employing candidates who meet objective job standards
  • Reducing the frequency and severity of work-related injuries
  • Ensuring all employees have the physical capacity to perform their jobs
  • Decreasing overall insurance-related costs, which may rise due to injuries on the job
  • Improving safety standards and awareness
  • Acting in accordance with policies and procedures within the employer’s handbook
  • Finding out if a potential candidate does or does not meet job requirements

Although workplace accidents can result in injuries, even for able-bodied persons, the most usual cause of on-the-job injury is an employee’s inability to perform job duties.

Post-Offer/Pre-Employment Testing in New Jersey

JAG-ONE Physical Therapy proudly offers POET services at the following locations:

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