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Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, NY

JAG-ONE Physical Therapy Prospect Heights: The Most Trusted PT in Northwest Brooklyn

With a highly convenient location close to Grand Army Plaza (served by the 2 and 3 Trains), JAG-ONE PT Prospect Heights is proud to serve Brooklynites of all walks of life with a vast variety of specialty therapies designed to get you back on your feet and doing what you love. Our empathetic and exceptionally skillful staff will work closely with you to develop a unique treatment plan – one that perfectly fits your lifestyle and preferences. And we’re always committed to patient education and helping you rehabilitate at home.

Although we have many different therapeutic techniques available, among our favorites are:

Concussion Rehabilitation

Concussions have a scary, well-deserved reputation, but if you suffer a head or neck injury resulting in a concussion, the right therapy plan can help get you back to your normal life and decrease the odds of further injury. At JAG-ONE PT, we handle post-concussion rehabilitation with the greatest care – and if you’re an athlete, with our return-to-sport program, we can help you head to the field or court again, safely and at your highest level of performance.


High-level athletes from martial artists to soccer players swear by cupping as a reliable method of reducing muscular soreness, tension, and pain. Our expert PT staff can target highly localized muscle complaints using a safe, controlled method of dry cupping as part of our robust manual therapy and sports medicine specializations.

Physical Therapy for TMJ Conditions

The temporomandibular joint – where the jaw meets the skull – is a small but crucial part of the body. TMJ syndrome and related conditions can cause severe headaches (from referred pain), difficulty speaking or eating, and other highly disruptive symptoms. Our TMJ-targeted physical therapy has brought many people with this serious condition effective, long-term relief.

Talk about customized care, I feel like the team observes individual clients and operates in accordance. I like the hands on hands off approach it seems like they obviously have a systemic style of physical therapy combined with personal training that considers each clients concerns and areas they have issues with. Also, when I thought they weren’t looking and didn’t know where I was in my regimen they were able to assess that I needed to progress to the next level. They teamwork is on point and they operate like clockwork with precise determination. -Lisa F.

Very personal care is offered. Each time I go to JAG-ONE with some body part out of line, I am usually very satisfied with the healing that takes place. Michael, you are one of exceptional physical therapist at JAG-ONE! -Sheila K.

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