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Clinical Director

Physical Therapy in New Springville, NY

I cannot speak highly enough of this particular location of JAG-ONE Physical Therapy (as they have numerous locations). Stephen Barth in particular, has been a physical therapist of mine through the years, is someone who truly radiates concern, candor, respect, willingness, integrity in his work as well as his personal character. I am a professional dancer who is also quite active on my personal time as well- so finding a capable and well-versed physical therapist on/in Staten Island, NY . . . was a process I went through with a fine-tooth comb. Stephen as a physical therapist and this location was/is right for so many reasons. Lastly, Stephen and JAG-ONE are only made that much better by the efficiency of the staff at this particular location. Not only are they efficient but they are patient, actively present, engaging and helpful. I’ll also add that this place is clean, from the moment you walk in the front door, to the open plan floor plan, bathrooms, locker, tables and equipment. I sort of half-jokingly say to people- “If my orthodontist isn’t your orthodontist- you’re going to the wrong orthodontist.” In this instance, with all the rehab and chronic issues I have with my feet and ankles, I can say with ease and confidence- “If my physical therapist isn’t your physical therapist, you’re going to the wrong physical therapist.” -Jeoffrey W.

This is now the third time I am using JAG-ONE Physical Therapy. I am very happy that I have the same therapist, Jonathan, who by now knows me and my capabilities. The support staff and office staff are both excellent in their own ways. The support staff makes sure that I am doing my exercises correctly. The women working in the office help out with appointments and insurance issues. Both are invaluable. I would recommend this office and in fact have recommended this office to a few people who needed the service. -Linda W.

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