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Clinical Director

Physical Therapy in Midtown, NY

If you have an injury and want to become bionic — physical therapy at JAG-ONE. Top-quality competency and professionalism. Understand goals/objectives and the path to achieve them. Game changers for my shoulder and life. Ready to return to competitive sailing and my shoulder can do bonus movements I gave up years ago (sleeping on my stomach). I have more energy now that I don’t have to coddle my shoulder so much. Who knew?! Plus these folks can help figure out insurance. Shoutout to front-of-house staff. All part of the full picture of pursuing health treatment. Sad to leave, but my goals have been met, I’m back in action, and in the best shape of my life. Big shout-out to DJ, Jenny, Paul, Claire, Dan! I owe you forever. If I had to do it all over again? — I’d go with these people. For future need, I’ll contact them first. Would I recommend them to others? — Yes. Already recommended them to +3 friends so far. Under ordinary circumstances, I don’t give out recommendations. JAG-ONE are far above ordinary. -Lisa Y.

It feels like a miracle. I really did get my full and active life back. Full recovery from my knee injury: I am dancing, biking and walking. Katherine, DJ, Paul, Jenny, Tai and Vanessa made every visit count. Their knowledge, skill and attention to the mechanics of the therapy was just the beginning. Their care, kindness and joy infused every interaction, creating a safe place for healing and renewal. I am thrilled to be back in the dance! -Anne Marie E.

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