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Bay Ridge – 5th Avenue

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Clinical Director

Physical Therapy in Bay Ridge – 5th Avenue, NY

I’m so glad I found this place. I’ve been to PT before and it felt like a waste of time, but coming here has totally changed my opinion. The focus is on activity and exercise and Al is great about explaining why you’re doing certain exercises and what muscle groups you’re working to alleviate pain. The space is relatively small but well-utilized and even on busy evenings after work you still get one-on-one attention. The whole team is friendly, attentive, and energetic, and they genuinely care about how you’re feeling and celebrate your progress. They make the whole PT experience fun and enjoyable and I truly look forward to my sessions. – Amanda M.

Incredibly consistent, patient, encouraging and attentive physical therapy team headed by a very experienced clinical director with “magic hands”. I spent 3 months there doing shoulder rehab and was genuinely sad to leave. The place has a great vibe and everyone is extremely approachable and friendly 🙂 -Anthony M.

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