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Physical Therapy in Toms River, New Jersey

JAG-ONE Physical Therapy Toms River: Comprehensive Therapy Delivered with Care

JAG-ONE PT Toms River proudly serves the people of Ocean County with a range of physical therapy services. Our team combines a deep knowledge of the human body with vast clinical experience and unmatched patient care.

All of our highly compassionate PTs are prepared to design the best individualized treatment plan to fit your life.

JAG-ONE Physical Therapy Toms River offers a wide array of services, including these specialties:

Graston Technique

The Graston technique is a diagnostic method and unique collection of six surgical stainless steel instruments. Our trained PTs regularly treat patients through this unique program. This soft tissue therapy uses specialized tools to help break down adhesions and scar tissue, and it also helps to strengthen muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Blood flow restriction therapy can be applied to support strength and stability. This therapeutic technique combines low-intensity exercises with blood flow occlusion. Whether you're looking to improve your strength, increase your muscle mass, or enhance your endurance capabilities, blood flow restriction therapy can be very beneficial.

TMJ Physical Therapy

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and muscle disorders describe a range of conditions that cause pain in the jaw and surrounding muscles. If you suffer from pain related to mouth and jaw movement, this therapeutic technique can provide great relief. At JAG-ONE PT Toms River, our TMJ therapy is tailored to your needs, with an initial assessment followed by ongoing treatment and refinement over time.

nicole ficheranicole fichera
15:53 15 Aug 22
I had great progress with jag-one Sam is a great PT and helped me a lot through this process, After breaking my neck and surgery the range of motion was horrible after almost 2 months of PT i have gained great range ! Thanks to Sam and the team
Nila BlancoNila Blanco
15:59 18 Mar 22
Highly recommend Jag-One in Toms River, NJ. I received the best individualized one-on-one physical therapy after my knee surgery. Dr Sam, Laura, Brie, Gabby(staff I have last year) and now Dr David, Gerrilyn are very pleasant, helpful and caring. Special mention to Dr David S. who pushed me hard to get my mobility and strength back. I am very pleased with my excellent progress during my sessions and reach my rehab goals.
Kristen DiGirolamoKristen DiGirolamo
21:06 16 Dec 21
Pleasant, compassionate staff. Highly recommend!
Mobolaji Femi-OkeMobolaji Femi-Oke
12:24 27 Aug 21
Sam, Bree and Gabby make Jag-one Toms River a home for me. I am always excited to go for my therapy no matter how tired. I feel like am home while getting healed. They are very patient and on top of their games.
John MurphyJohn Murphy
15:27 24 Aug 21
Excellent care and staff.

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