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Physical Therapy in Delran, NJ

JAG-ONE Physical Therapy Delran: Burlington County’s Local Physical Therapy Provider

Conveniently located on Route 130, JAG-ONE PT Delran is a multi-specialty physical therapy clinic bringing compassionate care to the local area. Our empathetic therapy staff will help develop a treatment plan that suits your unique needs.

All of our physical therapists have the training and experience they need to give you the best possible care.

While we offer physical therapy treatments for patients of all kinds, some of our top specialties include:

Vestibular Therapy

The vestibular system of the inner ear is one of the most critical body systems to our daily functioning. If it’s not working properly, you can experience nausea, headaches, vertigo, and severe balance problems. At JAG-ONE PT Delran, our vestibular therapy program uses exercise and other rebalancing techniques to restore your vestibular function to what it should be.

TMJ Treatment

Temporomandibular disorders can seriously impede your daily life. JAG-ONE PT Delran’s skilled physical therapists treat this sensitive joint with the utmost care, with the goal of relieving your pain and rehabilitating your jaw function. Learn more about physical therapy for the temporomandibular joint.

Sports Medicine

We understand athletes’ needs from training to injury rehab. We’ll work closely with you to design the right sports medicine approach for your particular sport, your activity level, and your lifestyle, and we’ll help you avoid future injuries.

Mike WoodsMike Woods
17:41 31 Dec 21
I came here to rehab my neck and shoulders from cervical spine surgery (C2 - T1 fusion). My first day experience I was met by Erin who took the time to listen, empathize, and professionally assess my initial treatment plan.Throughout my treatment I have been treated by Erin, Coleen and Jim who really helped my with my vertigo symptoms that developed Coleen’s expertise in helping me work on some scoliosis issues and osteopathic manipulation have been a godsend to my treatment.I could go on and on as to how satisfied I am with their personalized approach to my physical therapy. Thank you all for helping me get back to the life I had before my surgeries 👍🙏👌🥳
Jacqueline RobinsonJacqueline Robinson
18:42 01 Dec 21
The entire staff is committed to the improvement of every patient. Cannot say enough good things about the place!
Peter MolinaPeter Molina
23:55 30 Nov 21
Brian Ferretta is a great PT. Very knowledgeable and took his time thoroughly explaining every detail about my treatment plan with me, which is something I hadn’t experienced at other offices
Theresa SlaughterTheresa Slaughter
13:27 11 Feb 20
The entire staff make you feel very comfortable. They helped me fix a mix up with my script so I could continue my pt without any delay. They have answered all my questions. I feel my pt is helping me recover from my injury.
Hamama FarhatHamama Farhat
21:19 13 Nov 19
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to physical therapy because I’m feeling much better after starting my therapy with them.

The PTs are knowledgeable of the human body and how it works. Plus they actually care about their patients. I have been to many of the out patient physical therapy facilities in the area, with horrible results. This is the only place I trust with my care. -Lisa H.

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to physical therapy because I’m feeling much better after starting my therapy with them. -Hamama F.

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