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Physical Therapy in Hoboken, New Jersey

JAG-ONE Physical Therapy Hoboken: Your Local Sports and Occupational Therapy Experts

JAG-ONE Physical Therapy is conveniently located at 1199 Hudson Street, Hoboken. If you live in Hudson County, we are your trusted physical therapy experts. Our team provides sports and occupational therapy services delivered with compassionate care. From sports medicine to occupational programs, we support a happy and active lifestyle.

All of our PT staff are prepared to work with you to develop the best possible individualized treatment plan.

We offer physical and occupational treatments for a wide range of physical conditions, including the following specialties:

Occupational Therapy

As a comprehensive orthopedic practice, we deliver a diverse range of physical therapy programs. Our tailored therapeutic solutions utilize state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment and advanced occupational facilities. Some of our specialties include vestibular therapy, pediatric therapy, manual therapy, spine rehabilitation, and post COVID-19 support. Learn more about occupational therapy.

Hand Therapy (CHT)

If you want to experience mobility in your extremities throughout your life, you may need to access a professional CHT service. Our certified hand therapists combine advanced training with direct practice experience to ensure the best possible results. We have the knowledge and caring attitude needed to treat various conditions of the upper limbs. Learn more about hand therapy.

Sports Medicine

We know athletes have special needs when it comes to physical therapy. More than that, however, we have the expertise needed to make a difference. Whether you're overcoming an injury or looking for maximum performance, we will create a personalized physical therapy program designed just for you. If you want to stay healthy and have fun doing what you love, we're here to lend a helping hand. Learn more about sports medicine.


Dally Grajales-ArceDally Grajales-Arce
17:47 23 Aug 23
Anna Palkin is a wonderful therapist very professional and with a great staff. Keep the good work.
Anon -Anon -
14:36 19 Jun 23
I went to this location for the first time a few days ago. I was greeted by a rude, insensitive, and unfriendly blonde woman at the front desk. She was impolite, and frankly, looked a little hungover. She immediately began to blame me for incorrect information in their system, and promptly dismissed my insurance the second she saw the card. When one goes to PT, it’s because they are in pain or in recovery. As the first person one interacts with, there should be an air of professionalism and kindness throughout the entire check-in experience. I was so humiliated by the way this woman treated me, and I believe it was 100% because of the color of my skin and the stigma associated with my insurance. Please re-train your staff.
Michael WestonMichael Weston
14:51 03 Mar 23
Dealt with countless sports related injuries and PT facilities in my life and this is the worst. It was transactional, not rehabilitating. 50 min session of filling our a questionnaire and a few basic stretches and exercises was $293. I went back thinking the second session might be more helpful. I was wrong. They just tell you “do what you did last session” and walk away. No form guidance, no help, no “how does that feel.” The people are nice, but I’m not sure they know the extent of jags incompetence and overall scamming business model.they are there to cash a paycheck and go home. SAVE YOUR MONEY- GO ON YOUTUBE…. Or any other PT place.
Elena KElena K
11:36 26 Jan 23
JAG-ONE was on the list of PT places which I got from my doctor and I simply chose it by location and the fact that they were in network for my insurance. After that everything, from scheduling the first appointment to follow up recommendations and exercises, went perfectly. Gianna Pepe and her crew were a real pleasure to work with. I truly enjoyed coming to PT, doing exercises, getting the prescribed “hands on” time, and optional but very helpful “cooling” with ice pads at the end. I felt that I was gradually getting my strength back, effectively and in a safe way. If I had a concern or question, it was properly addressed. I would definitely and highly recommend Gianna and JAG-ONE in Hoboken. The place is well equipped, spacious and has excellent cleaning practices.
Alejandra SanchezAlejandra Sanchez
14:04 18 Feb 22
I highly recommend JAG-ONE, the whole team is very professional and friendly, Anna is an excellent physical therapist, and Ben's care is truly personalized. I'm very happy with the results!
Brian O'TooleBrian O'Toole
18:40 19 Sep 21
Good people, good personalized care. Cured my shin splints!
Ryan SupinskiRyan Supinski
16:37 20 Aug 21
Anna is a great physical therapist, would recommend. Location is very clean, kind & professional staff, and good practices for covid.
Sue TrinhSue Trinh
16:32 19 Jul 21
Highly recommend JAG-ONE Physical Therapy Hoboken location! My physical therapist, Anna Palkin and her assistant Ben worked with me to regain my strength after my knees injuries. Very knowledgable, professional and friendly!
Jessica YoshinoJessica Yoshino
12:43 30 Mar 21
Great team! Anna Palkin is an excellent physical therapist. I'm happy with my treatment and health progress since I have been treating with them.

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