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Physical Therapy in Cape May Court House

JAG-ONE Physical Therapy Cape May Court House: Your Source for Occupational Therapy, Graston Technique, and More

Located conveniently on Route 9, JAG-ONE PT Cape May Courthouse is a compassionate, multispecialty physical therapy clinic serving all of Cape May County.

Our whole physical therapy staff will listen to you in order to design the best individualized treatment plan for your needs.

Although we offer physical therapy for a vast variety of conditions, some of our favorite techniques include:

Graston Technique

You may not be aware of how many conditions, including the aftermath of surgeries, can cause adhesions within tissue. The Graston technique, which our physical therapists are trained in, helps the body eliminate these extraneous bands of tissue, which otherwise can cause limited range of motion and various levels of pain.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a holistic health technique that aims to restore a person’s ability to participate in and enjoy all the things that make up their daily lives. At JAG-ONE PT Cape May Court House, our empathetic OT staff understands the challenges that rehabilitation brings, and is certified in both adult and pediatric occupational therapy.

Video Movement Analysis

Using the latest technology, we can pinpoint risky, disordered, or dangerous aspects in your body’s motion. We use proven ideas in kinesiology to help athletes and others prevent and recover from injury better with this information. Learn more about sports medicine.

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