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Kayla George – Chief Marketing Officer

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Kayla George

Known for her strategic approach to branding and advertising, Kayla George is a tenured marketing and public relations executive with a proven track record of success within the healthcare industry. As Chief Marketing Officer at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy, Kayla has developed a strategic marketing approach that has successfully positioned JAG-ONE as an industry leader within a highly competitive marketplace. She has over a decade of experience in marketing management, leading her team to achieve desired growth goals through a multi-channel strategy.

George serves as the chief architect and ambassador of JAG-ONE Physical Therapy’s corporate brand which encompasses face-to-face outreach, events, social media, influencer programs, and community engagement. By overseeing our digital marketing strategy and footprint, she manages the design, development, and realization of JAG-ONE Physical Therapy’s digital assets, third party partner management, digital performance, analytics review and interpretation, and content strategy. George has been pivotal in JAG-ONE Physical Therapy’s M&A integration by providing strategic direction along with processes and policies for JAG-ONE Physical Therapy’s overall brand influence and presence.