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Anthony DeSena

by Us3eNumb3rZERO

Anthony DeSena

Known for his clinical aptitude and dynamic, multi-strategy approach to physical therapy operations, Anthony DeSena began his career as a physical therapist at One on One Physical Therapy in 2006. After quickly establishing himself as a leader in his field, Anthony was promoted to Clinical Director in 2007. As Director, Anthony led the charge in creating the foundation for One on One’s efficient growth model, focusing on clinical excellence and an outcome-based approach to rehabilitation. In 2017, Anthony officially accepted the title of COO, collaborating with mentors Joe Saraceno and Rich Bodian to elevate One on One Physical Therapy as the premier rehabilitation company in a very competitive and challenging market. After a recent merger transaction between One on One Physical Therapy and JAG Physical Therapy, DeSena has been named Chief Development Officer at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy. Combined, JAG-ONE Physical Therapy moves forward as an industry leader consisting of 56 outpatient physical therapy clinics with a strong market presence in New Jersey, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens, Westchester, Long Island and Pennsylvania. JAG-ONE Physical Therapy is dedicated to expanding throughout the region, offering the community at large their unique, care-first model of rehabilitation resulting in the best possible outcomes for their patients.